Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

I have a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that I’m having a problem with.

I had the original instrument cluster’s odometer go blank.

I know this is a common problem with these cars.

I ordered a replacement re-manufactured cluster from a local auto parts store and hooked it up.

When I started the engine on the car, all the gauges and, idiot lights worked as they should.

But, as the engine came to life, I saw the odometer on my replacement cluster flash on briefly then, it went out.

I tried cleaning the connections on both the cluster and, its wiring harness.

The problem is still there.

What did I miss here and, is it an easy fix?

Thank you.

Mark B Handler

Just a thought. being you replaced the instrument panel instead of having yours repaired. it may be possible that it might have to be reprogrammed to your vehicle.

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I did bring the original cluster in for repair and, they couldn’t get it operational again.

Also, do I need to go to my Ford Dealer to have the reprogramming done?

Or, can I take my car to a shop other than my local Ford Dealer?

Thank you.


Here is a thought . Instead of asking people who have no idea where you are or how well equipped your local shops are , just call a few and tell them your problem.


No experience with that instrument cluster, but for it to work correctly it has to receive the inputs it needs. In other words, instrument cluster may be working fine, and you are dealing with the old garbage in, garbage out adage. The input for the odometer, that comes from the vehicle speed sensor. Usually located in the transmission. Suggest to focus your attention on making sure that part is working correctly.

LED display has failed, a new speed sensor will not help.

OP, does your speedometer work correctly? If that works ok, agree, new speed sensor unlikely to help.

All gauges and lights work as they should.

So, yes, my speedometer is working.


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