the 10ths on the odometer work but not the rest? the trip meter works so?? what`s the fix for a 1980 Toyota truck


A replacement gauge cluster. It’s too much trouble to repair just the odometer.


If you can remove the instrument cluster yourself and remove the odometer, you are likely to see a gear that spins on its shaft without turning the shaft. A drop of Krazy glue will take care of it. I repaired an old Mercedes’ odometer by that simple method.


that’s in one of the old mechanical type odometers. Do we know if the 80 Toyota truck is that type? When did they switch to the LCD electronic type, which I assume are driven by the ABS system?

On second thought, that far back, it is probably mechanical.


Most odometers are inaccurate. I use rental cars to drive an exact distance once or twice a month from my house to and office in a city 185 miles away. I have never had the same odometer reading from the different cars; the difference is as much as 5 miles each way. That’s with relatively new cars.

I agree with other posters that manufacturers want to err on the high side so they won’t get sued if you have a speeding ticket.

I remember in the early fifties, a flathead Ford V8 had a top speed of 88 mph, as tested by Motor Trend magazine. The speedo showed 100 mph; Ford owners always believed that those extra 2 cyllinders made their cars so much faster than the competing 6 cyl. Chevies and Dodges, who had top speeds of about 85 mph or so.

Ford Motor Company went happily along with the charade and saved a lot of Ford owners from getting speeding tickets.


thanks I`ll use the glue…Tom


That is way interesting! I do get different readings with different cars…Tom


I’ve both a '79 and '89 Toyota pickups. They’re cable driven. And yup, you’d need to replace the entire cluster. It’s a non repairable, bonded case, one piece unit.

And despite what the manual says, you’ll need to disconnect the cable at the tranny housing to pull the cluster out far enough to disconnect and remove it. Personally, I’d ignore the problem. It isn’t worth the amount of work necessary to replace the cluster. Soooooo many dashboard screws!!!