Cluster problem?

I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle. this is the second time that a problem has come up. The mileage disappears following a buzz.Then a number comes up starting with 10; now it down to 1. The first time it was fixed under warranty by Ford - entire cluster (?) was replaced. Second time it was not deemed to be a cluster problem and went away. Now it is back again. What is a cluster problem, is it dangerous? I would like to know before I take it to Ford on April 8th. thank you.

The “cluster” they are referring to surely is the instrument cluster – that collection of gauges and lights in dash in front of you. Is it dangerous? Probably not very so long as there aren’t sparks jumping around or smoking components that might start a fire. I don’t have the slightest idea what the number that is replacing the odometer reading is. I don’t suppose that you have the manual and have read it. There might be an explanation buried in there somewhere. … or not.

Thank you and I do have the manual since I bought the car new. However, I keep forgetting the word “cluster” to check on it. From past experience with the manual my bet is that it will not be listed. Nonetheless tomorrow when I go out I will look.

If it is still under warranty (including lemon law warranty) you don’t need to help them find the problem. It is their problem to find the problem, your responsibility ends at telling them what you have observed, and reminding them that you know about the lemon law so they know that just blowing you off will not work.

Document everything.

Thank you. I had forgotten about the lemon law! The Ford place in Rockland County (Schultz) has been very decent so far but we shall see. Best to be armed!

Wow! Schultz Ford is still in business? My parents bought their '71 Maverick there.

I guess it could be dangerous if you run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. I main concern, though, is that a working odometer is important if you ever plan to sell the vehicle. You don’t want to be accused of fraud.

Well, it turned out to be a small problem. In my car there is a button to press on the dash after each oil change. If not pressed the car thinks the oil was not changed.This also happened once before.So, I will keep an eye on it and if it occurs again BEFORE another oil change I will pursue it.By the way the dealership was very pleasant and helpful once again. thank you for your responses - it helped with the worry! Paula