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Odd vibration

Here is an interesting puzzle?at least to me?there is a vibration the seems to come from the right front wheel. More pronounced when turning left. Most obvious at about 25 mph. The shock has been replaced. The wheel bearing has been replaced. The tire is relatively new with fewer than 8,000 miles on it. The front end has been aligned, and tire has been checked for roundness, balance and trueness. It seems that I am running out of things to blame. Are there any know issues with trans / engine mounts on these cars? Could it be control arm bushings? This is a 1990 Japanese build Legacy Wagon.

Its a 20 year old car. Why would you wonder about “known issues”? Any 20 year old car has issues with its mounts and bushings. They naturally degrade and wear out over time.

Regard less of how well the tire has checked out have you swapped front the rear to see what would happen?

As for the other things, presumably shocks & bearings were done on both sides?

lol. Yes it is a twenty year old car. You might like to know that you are dealing with a hardened Subaru person. In my reality it is not unusual to see a car hit 450,000 miles.

Yes, the bearings and shocks have been replaced on both sides. Is it reasonable to question the control arm bushings. Can they wear to the point where there is metal to metal contact thereby telegraphing road noise into the chassis / body? Might / could the same thing happen to engine and trans mounts?

If the control arm bushings are to be replaced, would it be better to replace them with factory bushing or aftermarket bushings? I understand that the aftermarket are a bit more durable, but can also render a harsher ride.