Rubbing Noise from 98 Stratus

Recently there’s been a rubbing noise coming from my front end when I turn. It kind of sounds like rubber rubbing against metal. Or perhaps metal screaming from being bent. The tires aren’t rubbing, and I’ve given a quick look at the bushings etc and everything looked fine. It only makes the noise when there is weight on front tires. Last year (about 6 months ago) I replaced both upper ball joints with control arms. Lower ball joints look fine. Tie rod ends looked fine. Steering linkage looks fine. The sound almost sounds like its coming from the center of the front of the car. It only makes this noise as I turn either left or right and when I go over bumps.
I think there are 2 noises that both sound the same. I think its the spings crying when i hit bumps but I feel its something else when I turn cuz even tho both sounds are similar one isn’t as loud as the other. At the same time the control arms were replaced the water pump and timing belt were replaced. I’ve checked the cv shafts or half shafts w/e you want to call them and they look fine. Any ideas? Oh and this sound is so loud everybody will stop and look at my car.

A couple of thoughts. Make sure the brake dust shields are not rubbing the rotor. It makes a metallic scraping sound. If they are very close but no touching any turn or bump may be enough to make the noise.

Take a good look at the engine itself. does it look sagged? Like and engine mount has failed? Is one of the pulleys really close where a slight movement could cause a rub? Look to the power steering pump and have a buddy rock the steering wheel back and forth while you look and listen to the engine.

When you replaced the upper ball joints/control arms, did you lower the car to the ground, tires in place, to normal ride height, and only then tighten the bolts that secure the arms to the body? If not, those rubber bushings between the body and the arms are under a lot of strain. I made this mistake once, and heard sounds similar to what you describe.

The only thing you did not replace are the stabilizer links. When they are worned they will knock and rattle everytime you go over bumps.

Didn’t get to have a really good luck as I had to to it outside in 20 degree weather so my dad and i are waiting for it to get warm to put it on some ramps to take a good look at what’s going on. As far as motor mounts, when we replaced the timing belt and water pump a bolt out of 3 was stripped on the mount cuz of the moron that owned the car previous thinking he had to put locktite on every damn bolt on the car. The power steering pump has whined cuz couldn’t get the thing to tighten all the way due to no clearance and I think maybe the power steering pump has come a little more loose.

My first inclination was the lnks but having looked at them they looked really good. But when I can get a really good look at everything when it gets warm enuf. It could also be the bushings on the bar itself. I know if those are bad they get loose and can cause a rubbing noise. Also there’s no popping or rattle sounds its a rubbing noise.

Make sure the accessory belt & pulleys look to be in good shape w/correct tension. Seems unlikely given the bump/turn related symptoms, but easy enough to do. & make sure none of the brake pads are so worn that the warning tab is close to hitting the rotor.