New Struts and Control Arm Bushings for 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan

What might be an average cost for this type of repair? I got a quote here in the Dallas area for about ~$1,300. Is this high, low or what?

Why not get a few more estimates and compare them?

Prices vary by region. A good price in Dallas may not be a good price elsewhere.

Be sure you get a breakdown of the estimate as well. This job should include getting an alignment after replacing the parts.

You also want to know if they are replacing the struts themselves, which the shock in the middle of the assembly or the entire assembly.

Get several estimates, as stated, but I would be wary of any that are way under what the rest seem to be. Some shops low-ball to get business and do shady things to make the money back.

Why control arm bushings. These usually 20 to 30 years. Struts should be between 100 and 200 ea depending on brand.

Thank you for your thoughts and good advice. I will be sure to get full details of the intended work, especially whether or not the entire assembly is to be replaced or just the struts themselves.

How dangerous is it to continue driving the vehicle until I can get it repaired? It makes horrible creeking sounds when turning. Thank you again for your insight.

These parts are better when it comes to driving safely without replacing them. They keep the tires in touch with the road and when you have parts wear out that do that, you lose braking effectiveness and the wheels can hop more on bumps, so I wouldn’t wait too long to replace them.

Did you take this van to someone and they said you need these parts? What kind of creaking do you hear on turns? Is it a constant whine or more like a squeaky hinge? Not sure about a 1999, but the only indication I had the control arm bushings were bad in my 1991 Grand Voyager was thumping on turns when I would hit bumps. I would suspect ball joints or rack/power steering pump if it only happens on turns, though the ball joints can also squeak in bumps.

Yeah, we don’t want to wait too long that s for sure. The sound that we hear is more of a squeaky hinge, but the sound is constant while turning then sfotens mostly expect for the small squeaks while hitting bumps and dips in the road. To answer your question, yes, we brought the car to one shop so far and this was their consult that the control are buchings and the front axle struts need replacing and it had been some time. I actually had assumed that the shocks were bad due to the squeaking when hitting speed bumps etc…I plan to get another quote today.

The squeaking while turning and while hitting bumps in the road sounds more like a bad balljoint and that’s something you don’t want to wait on fixing. If that thing goes, you will have the control arm separate from the lower end of the strut and at that point you will become a passenger in this van. You WILL lose steering since this is how the wheel is attached to the van. If it’s bad enough to be squeaking while going straight on a flat road, then you don’t want to mess around. However, I would have someone listen to the p/s pump as well. This is more a pain in the arm if you lose it due to increased steering effort, but it can make noise in turns and going straight though it’s more of a low groan noise.
Make sure all the shops you take it to look at it instead of just telling them what you were told you needed by the first shop. And tell them you want it looked at for the symptoms you posted here.

So here’s what has transpired…Got a second analysis of the problem and a quote. The short story is this: First place feel that the struts are the main cause of the noise and quoted $1,325 to replace the struts and only the control arm bushings. The second place feels that the entire control arm unit, including the bushings and ball joint, should be replaced and only recommend the struts to be replaced but feel that the control arm bushings are the main cause of the noise. Their quote for control arm replacement and ailignment is $850.

Thus we have two opposite view of what the problem is yet both are willing to do whichever I say. Great so now I have to tell the experts what to do. I really want to make sure the right ection is taken not just be concerned with cost. I will get a third estimate and analysis tomorrow to tie-break. Any more thoughts?