New bushings sounds like front end is going to fall apart

My car only has 145k miles and Only owned it a year. I have replaced so much in the front of car, axle, brakes, bushings both upper and lower and new a/c regulator! My car sounds awful when I turn sounds like bushing or bearings whatever they are , are too tight! I’m so tired of this car! Any suggestions?

Get rid of it and get something else that you have your mechanic check before you buy it.


Are the bushings squeaking? Or what, exactly…? Might try some lube of some sort if the squeak.

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@Scrapyard-John may be onto something. Urethane bushings can squeak unless the mating surfaces are lubricated.

Elaborate on the noise a bit. Knocking, groaning, squeaking, moaning, rattling, or what?
And you say it only does this during turns and is fine on the straights?

You didn’t put new bushings in old control arms? You replaced sway bar links? You changed struts? Strut mounts?
Noisy front end? Heard that before. Struts. Mounts. Links. And on and on.
Was/is a liberty ever quiet? When new?

I had all done new at different times. Strut mounts? Hmm not sure I’ll check. The noise sounds like moaning and squeaking mostly when turning.

A Jeep Liberty has shock absorbers in the front, they don’t rotate when the steering is turned.

Is the noise inside the vehicle (steering column) or from the front suspension?

The lower ball joints have been known to separate, how old are the ball joints?

What’s #23 in pic?

#23 is a shock mount, this is a coil over shock, the clevis below the shock connects to the lower control arm at the #8 bushing.

It is possible to have a noisy shock mount but generally they don’t make noise when turning the steering wheel.

I put almost 2300$ into this over 10 months. I’m done with it. I had a small town mechanic replace everything. I’m trading this in. Won’t get much out of it but oh well.

You have replaced a lot. It should be ok. Maybe not quiet. Keep it

I would think a loud noise would be easy to diagnose and it sounds to me anyway that there has been a fair amount of shooting and praying involved in trying to sort this out.
Guessing gets expensive but that is not the vehicle’s fault.