OBD1 live data scan tool

I’m trying to find a scan tool that is compatible with an '87 Ford F150. I need to record and see the live data to figure out what happens when it stalls on the road. I found the Actron 9690, which claims to work with OBD1 and OBD2, with live data for both. Any experience with this or related devices?

No such tool exists, not because of the tool shortcomings but because of your car. Your car is so old there is no data stream. Ford products did not provide live data before the early 90’s. If the car generates 2-digit fault codes there is no data, if it generates 3-digit fault codes the ECM will provide data but the refresh rate is so slow it’s almost useless in finding an intermittent problem. And the faulty component may not even be in the offered data list.

Diagnosing problems on this generation of Fords involves pinpoint testing of individual components while the problem is happening based on symptoms, fault codes, and experience.


The stalling might be caused by a faulty ignition control module.

This is such a common problem with Fords of this vintage, I use to carry an extra module in the glove box so if my Ford vehicle died on the road, I could swap out the module.


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Well crap… the Actron 9690 is an OBD1 and 2 scanner, claiming live data, but evidently not for 1. I thought I made a potential breakthrough

I’ve had 4 replaced in less than a year (and less than 1000 miles) as well as relocating it with it. Not that it hasn’t gone bad, but there has to be something causing it to go bad so frequently. I’ve read about the ignition module a lot and I really think there’s an underlying problem that I can’t find. I was hoping a scan tool could show a little more

When it comes to the ignition control module I got a 93 Ford F-150 5.0 motor 302 rear wheel drive I too had multiple issues there is in fact two different types a gray and a black one when I initially bought the truck it had the black one in it one day after it going bad I had to send my girlfriend to the store to get one they only had the gray one we said f*** it and went with it haven’t had any problems since

Maybe @Jerad1389 will come back 4 years later and tell us the resolution to the 87 Ford pickup truck stalling problem. I’ve had just a few stalls-while-driving-for-no-apparent-reason over the years, caused by

  • faulty fuel pump relay
  • cracked ignition coil
  • oxidized ignition points

Seems like a pretty good guess Jerads’s culprit was either no spark, or no fuel.