1990 Ford F-150 turns over but won’t start

turn over , but no start issues

are you getting spark? fuel? have any codes/

WW above is spot on. First check for diagnostic codes. If none, then my first guess would be a spark problem. You might be able to use a spare spark plug to check for visible spark during cranking.

I had the same problem on an older (than yours) Ford truck. I did the spark test and it sparked ok, but produced an orange-ish spark. I decided the orange-ish spark wasn’t the problem so proceeded to check for fuel to the carb, and fuel in the carb bowl. Both tested ok. Turned out the orange-ish spark was the problem, caused by some oxidation on the points contact surfaces. The points actually looked new by appearance, but when I measured their resistance, 10 ohm. 10 ohms is no good. I used some emery paper to clean the points , started right up. To make this more challenging, it all occurred in a Home Depot parking lot. I had to go into the store several times to buy the tools I needed … lol …

A bad ignition control module can cause that.

And here’s how to pull codes from your OBDI Ford.


But if the Check Engine ain’t on?

Good luck!


Can you hear the fuel pump when key is turned on?

It’s near impossible to even make a half accurate guess when no one knows what is missing; spark, fuel pressure, or injector pulse. Not likely the latter…

The injection and ignition system on these cars is dirt simple so sorting it out should be easy.