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1997 Olds 88

My 1997 Olds 88 (3800) runs beautifully but has a mysterious stalling problem. I can drive a few miles and the car will just shut down while driving. I can drive 300+ miles and have no problem at all however this problem does not seem limited to short trips only. Sometimes it will fire up right after stalling and other times i have to wait for hours before it will start again. I replaced the ignition control module and the problem persisted. Just yesterday I had the fuel pump replaced and new lines put in. I brought the car home yesterday and it ran fine but last night it would not start. I just brought it back to the shop today. I have heard people talk about a crank sensor maybe being the problem. I am sick of this guessing game. It is costing me a fortune. It’s a great car…when it is running. Only 89,000 miles!

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Good luck with that. I finally gave up. The crank sensor is a good shot and not expensive. Your best bet is that when it won’t start you have the opportunity to see if its fuel or spark. I did the crank sensor, coil, module, swapped computers, fuel pump, ignition switch, and had it solved for four months. When it started again I junked it.