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1987 F150 stalling

1987 Ford F150, 302, 5.0, v8, 120k miles

I haven’t been driving my truck in recent months because it stalls while driving (starts back up). I’ve only drive short distances lately for diagnosis reasons and fear for it stalling. The ignition module is on the distributor, I relocated it. New pip sensor in the distributor. Fuel pressure is normal, battery and alternator are fine.

I test drove it today and it stalled twice going down the driveway. I backed up and parked it, drove the car to the local mechanic that knows old Fords. I told him the situation and he said this era was notorious for such problems and he was fixing an 87 Ford next Monday with the same problems. He said to tap the EEC and the EEC relay, if it stalls, that’s the problematic part. I couldn’t find the EEC itself, but it did tap the relay with a screwdriver. When I tapped it on one side, I’d hear a chirp and the engine would surge for a couple seconds, but it wouldn’t stall. I can duplicate that, I did so 5 times and no stall. Is this a sign that the relay needs replaced? He said oftentimes the relay or EEC will die while driving because a connection is bad and gets jarred from bumps, which causes the stall.

Does the aforementioned tapping of the relay sounds like its bad and in need of replacement?

I’ve taken several pictures and I think I located the EEC, but I’m not positive.



This is on the firewall on the driver’s side. Is the bluish trapezoid with one bolt the connection to the EEC?

Was the truck stalling before you relocated the ignition module?


R.I.P 1989 Ford Tempo. Got wrid of this car after its 4th ignition module.They car would quit while driving…had to wait 1 hour for the engine to cool down before the car would start again.Bad design I guess.

Tester, yes it was. About 10 total times while driving, and twice today with a new module and relocation

New module AND relocation.


Check this out.


Tester-Yes, new module (and a spare to keep in the glove box) along with relocation. And that link has tons of info, thank you. I’m surprised I haven’t found it before with all the researching I’ve done.

Does the chirp & surge when the relay is tapped sound normal? I don’t know much about their function/ malfunction.

Swap the EEC relay with the horn relay and see if the vehicle stalls.

If it does, it’s not the relay.


My horn doesn’t work, I think I’m going to get a new relay and try it

I have a computer relay being delivered this week, but I’ve been researching a bad computer unit. It sounds just like my issues