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Interpreting live data

Having a little problems with my 1999 Dodge Durango 5.9L 8cyl. Has about 226.000 miles on it. It’s my commuter car and I love to drive it. Never had any major issues and it’s maintained well.

A couple of weeks ago I cleaned the IAC due to rough idling, almost stalling. I also replaced the TPS at the same time. Seemed to be the right thing to do and not too expensive. Everything went well and for two weeks it ran just fine. Today it started to slightly stutter (a real quick stuttering) when accelerating from a stop or even raising the rpm while standing still.

I put an OBD scanner on it and caught some live data, but having problems interpreting the data whether it is good or bad. Especially the FT FTRM1 and LT FTRM1

I have attached 2 pics taken when the engine was hot. One at normal idle and one at about 2K rpm.

I did replace the spark plugs because they were long overdue. It did not help. In addition one plug is frozen and I poured some penetrating oil down the tube and let it sit until tomorrow.

I don’t know if this is sufficient for someone to come to a conclusion because the LT AND FT vary quite a bit with the slightest rpm change. I am ready to learn…

Hmm can’t find a way for the attachment.
rpm 600 LT is 3.1 FT is -1.5 map is 10.6
rpm 2000 LT is -1.5 FT is -3.9 map is 7.7