Now on sale at Harbor Freight!



I had a 25% off coupon good for four days pop up in my computer so I thought maybe I’d get a cart for my garage heater. Looking at the 5 lines of fine print though, about everything except hand tools were excepted.

Off topic, had a Buck knife from the 70’s by blade marking, with a broken blade missing rivets and looked like it had been to hell and back. Sent it in, $10 for a new blade, they replaced the missing rivets, cleaned up the wood and brass, can add a pic or refurbished if you wish, just letting you know if you have an old Buck knife!


I’ve still got my hunting knife that I bought in Canada when I was about 8 years old. Paid $3 for it but broke the point off throwing it into trees. I lost the sheaf for it though. Been thinking about re-sharpening it though to try and restore the point but think I’m out of luck on a warranty. It’s been over 60 years.

previous post updated with the finished knife! 50 years later! Nice!


What? No bargain jack stands?


Why all the hate for Harbor Freight Tools here? For those of us who need cost-effective tools for home use, I would argue HFT’s offerings are no worse than Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, AutoZone, or O’Reilly. HFT has better pricing on many items than these other retailers, unless of course the item is on sale. Obviously, most tools from HFT are unsuitable for professional use, but so are most tools sold at any other retailer.


I got the electric pressure washer I have wanted for a while with the 25% off coupon. It is a gift from me to myself for X-mas.

A lot of us agree with you. I have some HF stuff in my garage. Actually I really like their pneumatic brake bleeder kit.

But you have to be careful at Harbor Freight. My personal rule is that if you can get maimed or killed when the tool breaks, I don’t buy it there. I’m happy to grab a breaker bar or a steering wheel puller or something from HF, but you won’t catch me buying a grinder or a circular saw there.


Because some of the tools they sell are junk. Some are dangerous junk. Some are quite useful.

That said, I do own some HF stuff. Both a 1.5 and 2.5 ton aluminum floor jacks to start. The 1.5 because it was the only model that could fit under my Honda S2000 and the 2.5 tonner because I sold the S2000 and needed more capacity.

One of the most useful cheap tools I ever bought was HF’s vibrating cutter…

I am on my second one, the first cost me $20 and I rehabbed a 1200SF house with that tool.

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HF just opened up a new store in my area a few months ago so I’m going in today and get one of those whale gutting knives.
Next step will be to wait for a whale to come moseying over the prairie…

I’ve got a few HF tools and they are actually pretty good. HF does sell some things that are better off in the dumpster even when brand new but those are in the minority.
I bought a 4" angle grinder from the HF in Wichita, KS 20 years ago and it’s still working like new in spite of getting whaled (no pun intended) on.

on the advice of one of my company higher ups, I bought a 3/4hp bench grinder at HF (my previous one was missing the OSHA needed eye protection guards,) and it worked decent but never great. after a year, it got so weak it wouldn’t spin under even the lightest tension. I could have gotten it replaced for free, but opted for a different brand so I could get a decently powered one and avoid the extra hassle in another year…

I have a few other things form Harbor Freight in the shop, and they’ve done me well. A step stool, oil filter wrench, and some other things.

My worst buy at HF was their $50 drill press. It had so much wobble in the directions that are not supposed to wobble, that I took it back. I think their tools are best for someone who does mild DIY stuff on occasion. And, even then, it is buyer beware. Evaluate each purchase carefully.

…and, since we are talking tools: my Sears is closed. Where would I go to replace a Craftsman lifetime-warranty tool?

Ace Hardware carries Craftsman now

As does Lowes.

Took 2 broken extensions into Ace last week, and they were hesitant to warranty it- said Lowes is supposed to handle most of the warranty swaps now. Not sure if that is actually the deal, or if this particular store. They did the warranty, but they weren’t overly happy about it.


I wonder if it’s store dependent…our local Ace is actually an old family run store that picked up the Ace franchise (they got to keep the name and whatnot, essentially the only thing that changed when they picked it up is that Ace became their preferred carrier). I’ve never had any problems getting Craftsman stuff replaced there under warranty if needed


IIRC, Stanley bought the Craftsman trademark.


Yes they did, I think it was approx 3 years ago

Stanley has been making the Craftsman tools for decades…so it was a good match.

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