Nova repair manual

I own a 73’ Chevy Nova with a 250 L6, and I am having problems finding an instruction manual. I can find manuals for V8 models but not ones for L6 models. could I still buy a V8 instruction manual if I can get that one instead?

There is still a Haynes repair manual in production for this car, has it available. I would think any major parts store would order one for you.

I’ve got that same engine in a pickup. Everything is extremely straightforward on it-- unless you’re rebuilding the engine, the only things you really need are the point gap/dwell setting, the firing order (printed on the manifold) and maybe the carb tune-up specs. I would guess you can find these googling. Everything else should be fine with the V8 manual.

If you need more general information on how an old car works, I would highly recommend browsing through used bookstores and trying to find some old auto shop textbooks. You might also find an old manual that covers your car. For years the only manual I had for my older cars and trucks was an old Audel auto shop book from 1974.