I am trying to learn about cars and do things myself…I have fixed several minor problems on our two Caravans 96 and 02 but I would really want to learn to tune up…How can I do that?

Start by getting a service manual for your vehicles. I prefer Haynes to Chilton. The Haynes 30011 covers Chrysler minivans from '96 to '02, so you won’t need to buy two different manuals. Also refer to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manuals for service intervals for various wear items.

If you have V6s, you’re going to hate replacing the spark plugs on the rear cylinder bank. despite the instructions in the Haynes manual, I have found it easier to replace them from underneath the van with removing the cowl or intake plenum. YMMV.

Good advice I appreciate it… My bother in law will provide me of a Chilton’s Chrysler 20302… You might hear from me soon if it is not too bugging! Thank you.

In my experiance, the Haynes provides better step-by-step instructions for the actual wrench turning, but the Chiltons has better diagnostic charts and more information about how the computerized stuff works.