Books about Car

Does anybody know a good book/video on how to repair car and to maintain car ? Video for a specific car is even better (if there is one).

I want to learn to do it myself. i have been reading and learning via the web. Yesterday, i found Car Repair for Dummies but it seems it only cover maintenance like changing fluids, etc.

tx much.

A very good in-depth guide that is inexpensive, but very thorough and full of specific information, like torque specs and clearances is a Haynes manual for your particular car. They are well written and designed for the average car owner. They may contain information on repairs beyond that which you are willing to tackle right now, and generally cover bumper-to-bumper repairs, and includes pictures to help guide you. They are available at most auto parts stores for less than $20, and on-line at

Start with the owner’s manual and then move up to the Haynes manual. Those two should handle most anything the average owner is going to need.

While not wanting to be dramatic I would like to make you aware that the answer to your question really depends on how deep you want to go. No one can answer the question “how can I learn how to repair my car”, with out knowing your root goal.

Exactly how far do you want to go? My view is that it takes many hours of both hands on experience and book learning to say “I know how ho repair my car”.

I feel reaching the a level of competency that allows you to know when a professional mechanics diagnosis is a attempt to steal or is a logical conclusion is a basic level to aim for.

To answer your question directly a book that I recommend is “Automotive Technology a Systems Approach” Jack Erjvaec 4th edition. It is a very good start, along with taking the automotive courses offered by your community college.

C’mon man, at least provide the year, make and model! How in the world can you expect information on a specific car if you don’t post that information? The skills and tools required vary somewhat too over such an open-ended question. Whaddayagot? 1932 Willeys, 1960 microbus, 1980 pinto, 2001 F650, ??? ;-D

I’ll third the suggestion to get a Haynes manual. I have one for both my and wife’s car, and they’ve paid for themselves many times over. Not only are they great for allowing you to do your own maintenance and repairs, but for jobs that are too big for you to tackle yourself you can at least give yourself a primer so that you’re well-informed of what the job will entail.

I too suggest a Haynes manual.

If you’d like to also learn the basics of how the thing actually works, learn what you’re actually doing, then try this one:

Auto Fundamentals
By Stockel, Stockel and Johanson
Published by Goodheart - Wilcox
ISBN 1-56637-138-4

You can order it through any bookseller.

I have had haynes and chiltons for my cars, my problem with them is it will tell you in depth about things you will never do and not even cover, or cover minimally things a regular guy could do. I have have found no middle ground except the internet.

I put rings and bearings in a friends 1955 John Deere tractor (a Johnny Popper). The guy had a FSM and it had instructions on how to rebuild the governor (I have never seen anything so complex) but no instructions on how to seperate the halves of the engine block but we got it done. Don’t mess with the governor.

This job was paticulary hard as both pistons were rust siezed to the block.

Thanks all for the responses. I have 2000 honda accord se, 2004 toyota sienna xle, and 2005 nissan frontier xxx(?).

I have Haynes manual for all three cars. Sometimes/most of times, i only dare doing the minimum projects like fluid change. i want to go to the next level like “changing my own time belt”. but, when i read the step by step procedure, i do not understand most of terms or what they are talking about. then, i asked you guys.

Yes, i have checked local community college and they only have day courses.

I guess i should have more clearer in the beginning.

I think eventually i will get there with help people like you and one day, i hope to be able to give response and help to others too.

thanks again, all.