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Notifications of new posts

If you have already seen my post, I apologize for the double posting.

I just discovered something.

If you are on the page where the threads are listed, in the upper right hand corner is a circle that if you click on it, allows you to choose how the website will notify you of a new post. It seems to be done by category - that is, if you select to “All Categories”, it disappears, but if you only look at - say - “General Discussion” which is where this thread is, you can deactivate the notification.

The thread goes on, but you just don’t know about it. (or I think that’s how it works.)

That circle will have a persons avatar or a letter in it. I have all notification options as ‘never’ .

No, no. Not that one.

You see the icon marked “+ New Topic”? Immediately to the right is that circle I was talking about. It only appears if the category is something other than "all categories (That’s indicated on the same line, but all the way on the left.

OK, I see what you mean . I get to my preferences by clicking on my avatar circle.

The same options are available at the bottom of each tread;
watching, tracking, normal and muted.