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Can I "subscribe" to a thread on this forum?

I just noticed that if I start a discussion, I get an email whenever somebody answers. I find that very convenient because sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all the new developments in discussions that I once may have commented on. In other forums I have seen that you can “subscribe” to a discussion so that you are alerted whenever somebody responds. Is there something like this here?

Post something to the thread you’re interested in and you’ll get notified. I don’t think you want to subscribe to the entire forum, your in-box will overflow :-0

You can only be notified when someone responds to a thread that you’ve initiated. You cannot automatically be notified if someone responds to a thread that someone else has initiated.

You can, actually, but they hid it. Click the magnifying glass at the lower left of the top post. Click it again to stop monitoring it.

If you click on the magnifing glass/watch this discussion. You will be e-mailed when new posts are added.

Fantastic! I would have never found the magnifying glass. Thanks guys. Now the question is if you can get a list of your watched topics or if e-mail notifications are the only effect this has. The use case is to keep track of things like this: Imagine somebody asks a question and you provide an answer. 3 weeks later they come back and give an update but you’re out of town or don’t frequent the forum all that much. But you are obviously curious how the whole thing turned out. So the magnifying glass will be of great help for me in the future. Thanks again!

Hmmmm. I stand corrected. Thanks for the post Shadow.

I need to get out more.