Any Opinions?


I am looking to buy a Vespa or other scooter type wheels to get around the city. Not a car, but this is where we are all headed, I think. Any advice? What not to look at? Other good makes? Thanks to you all!


I think it’s a great idea as long as the city is one that you can do this safely in.

I’d be inclined to look for a scooter with larger diameter wheels. Spinning wheels are the gyroscopes that make a scooter stable, and larger wheels tend to equal more stability. And get a good helmet.


Suzuki Burgman looks pretty cool. I think you need a motor cycle license.


If you already own a car it is never a winning proposion to buy a scooter especially in a city where traffic can really hurt you.


I would suggest taking a motorcycle riding class sponsored by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF, ) before you decide on a purchase. A small motorcyle (Honda Nighthawk or Rebel 250) and a helmet are provided in the beginner’s course.

Ed B.


Maybe maybe not. I have a small motorcycle (200cc) and I get about 37 mpg. My car gets better.


Honda and Yamaha also build scooters. You can check them out on line and then in the showroom.


I’ve always been astounded by what poor mileage some motorcycles get. I think the 25MPG motorcycle is up there with the 1,000 calorie salad amongst things uniquely American.


To get around in the city - use public transportation.


There are a lot of good makes out there so I can’t recommend one in particular. To be honest, I would say skip the moped type stuff and get a small displacement motorcycle.

As mentioned, taking a riding class is a great idea. If you’re not familiar with being on 2 wheels I will say this; there’s not going to be a single day in which someone is not going to come close to killing you.
They will either pull out in front of you, turn left in front of you, or look you right in the eye as they change lanes on top of you.
Just a warning right now so you’ll be prepared for this ritual.


You could take a look at the Piaggio MP3 (Vespa’s parent company). The MP3 is a 3 wheeled scooter, with the 2 wheels being in front. It allows you to lean into turns like a normal motorcycle/scooter, but allows you to lock the front end as you slow to a stop. Once you get used to it you can come to a stop without having to put your feet down (front end immediately unlocks when you turn the throttle to go). Took a demo ride on one once, fun little scooter, although I didn’t quite get to the point where I could stop without putting my feet down. It’s a little pricey though I think they’re between $6000-7000 for 250cc.

I’ll also aggree with those that suggest a MSF course if you don’t currently have a motorcycle license, very good course.



Not a car, but this is where we are all headed, I think.

IMPOSSIBLE…I take it you live in the south.

Try driving one in New Hampshire during the winter.

These things may be great IF you live in the right area. Dry south…Not in a big city…and have a short commute. What are you going to do when it rains???


Please don’t get a stinky, smokey 2-stroke.