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Noisy windshield on 2006 Chevy Equinox

I recently had the windshield replaced on my 2006 Chevy Equinox, and for a few months everything was fine. Then the windshield started sounding like wind was coming through the top but it doesn’t leak water. I have had the windshield reinstalled by the glass company and that didn’t fix the problem. The local Chevy dealer tells me that they have had the same problem when replacing windshields on the 2006 Equinox that they can’t get them to stay quiet, and their best advice was to buy a new car. Other than the very noisy windshield the car runs and drives fine and only has 120,000 miles on it.

Any suggestions?

I ran into that problem once with a Taurus that we rented while on vacation. The noise was terrible–we couldn’t stand riding in the car over 50 mph. I took it back to the rental agency and got a free upgrade. They commented that they had had to have the windshield replaced and were going to take it back to the glass shop. I think I would take it back again to the shop that did the work.
I don’t think that buying a new car is the solution for you, but of course GM would like that.

i see no bulletins on such a problem. are you 100% positive it is coming from winshield? take some masking tap and seal all the seams between the windshield and the vehicle body and drive the car down the road and see if noise goes away, if it does then it is the windshiled and the glass shop should be able to correct it. if they have to do it again be sure and ask for the guy with the most experience to do it, or try to another shop. i would also ask if you have added any accessories to the vehicle since this started ie bug shield. they can change the direction of air flow across the windshield and create some issues. i have seen this on full size trucks but not on equinox. there is a fix for the trucks in that case. and if your post is correct in what the dealership told you about the only fix was to buy a new car i would probably buy my next car somewhere else. now we have regulars in our shop all the time that we jokingly say stuff like that to but thats all it is, a joke, if they are serious when they say that and act like they dont won’t to fool with your problem you are going to the wrong place for service. and thats a gm tech saying that.

Sure this problem is not caused by the radio antenna or to a lesser degree, the roof rack?

My daughter’s car drove her crazy for years with wind noise at the top driver-side corner. We knew it was a leak because you could change the pitch of the sound by pressing outward on the glass. When we replaced the windshield because it was very old and weathered, we discovered that it had indeed been leaking water, but the water had been running down inside the pillar and out a drain so we never saw moisture in the car.

She loves her new windshield because it is both clearer and quieter!

Some OEM glass is laminated and it provides a quieter ride. Laminated glass is like plywood, it is layered with I believe 3 pieces. I doubt the aftermarket glass is the same.

I wonder if this is the cause or your noise issue.