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2019 Chevy Equinox - Wind noise

After decades, I bought a new 2019 Chevy Equinx. It is a great car. Except, at highway speeds, the cabin has a definite wind noise (it is not a road noise.) After the last trip, I checkd all the windows and the sun roof. All tight as a suare knot. None of the GM on line forums report on this as something the Equinox does. Before I go in to service, I would like to learn more about wind noise and its causes.

Wind noise is caused by anything that disrupts to air flow. Everything o the outside of the Equinox, including the SUV itself are sources of wind noise. I think your noise most likely comes from the outside rear view mirrors. They are large air disruptions and are close to your ears. Did you install any aftermarket exterior features? They might cause the noise too.

It’s due to something creating air turbulence. If there’s nothing obvious noted during a visual inspection, and the owner hasn’t added anything like a roof rack or bike rack or antenna etc, sometimes shops will have a test driver get into the car, then they’ll tape over all the doors and windows interfaces and have the driver go for a test drive. They might have to repeat this several times, changing the tape each time.
This is a way to try to find a clue which interface is causing the turbulence. Could be something simple like a mis-aligned door or window seal. Asking a dealership to allow you to take a test drive in another new Nox makes sense too. It may be they all do this.

I did not install any aftermarket features. The spouse has a 2018 Buick SUV Envision bought new and is similar to the Equinox, except no wind noise.

The noise might also be due to poorly fitting window gaskets. Look at the window and gasket fit where the noise is greatest.

The dealer replaced a piched seal (gasket?) in the sun roof.
Seems okay now.


Thanks for the update. I hope this was a warranty replacement.

I agree with what jtsanders said about gaskets. My 1995 Toyota Avalon, along with others of that model year, suffers from wind noise caused by poorly fitting gaskets around the side view mirrors.

It doesn’t surprise me that a gasket around your sunroof solved the problem.