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Wind Noise coming from Windsheild

I have a highlander 2004. When I bought the car (used) I did not noticed a noise coming from the top (more) from top driver side Windshield. the sound is more of “fffff” as I drive faster the noise is more, and seems to be of closer to wind sound. But when you put hand against it, you do not feel any wind. And there is no leak/water coming in. Toyota mechanic looked at it, and came up with no obvious answers. Concluded that it is not Toyota windshield. Any advice would be great
Thank you

Temporally run a piece of tape across the top of the windshield and then take it for a drive. If the noise is gone the windshield molding could be causing the noise.


If the windshield was replaced, the replacement could have been improperly installed. We once had a rental car, a Ford Taurus, and the wind noise drove us crazy. When we got up to highway speed, you would think that there was a nest of hornets in the car. We took it back to the rental agency and found that the windshield had been replaced before we rented the car. I was given an upgrade for free and an apology.