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Noisy brake when reversing

My 2007 camry hybrid has started making a noisy whine from the rear brakes/tires when I touch the brake reversing out of my garage. As luck would have it the problem started 3 wks after warranty ran out!.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Probably wouldn;t have been a warranty item. Either surface rust or worn pads most liekly. Of course there may just be a rock or stick caught up in there.

interesting thought on rock or stick. Will check it out. But then again… why only when reversing and not every time i hit the brake?!?

Some brakes will make noise even when they’re brand new,

When backing out of your driveway the pressures acting on the disc are relatively light compared to stopping the car from say, 50 MPH.

Say you have a glass half full of wine and you very, very lightly rub your finger tip around the rim, you just may be able to make it “sing”.

But if you press your finger on the glass really, really firmly, you’ll hear nothing.

Have a professional evaluate your brakes. Alot of factory pads have “wear indicators” thus it is designed to make noise to let you know it’s time for new brakes.