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Brake issues?

I have a 2007 Honda Accord. A few weeks ago, it started making a whistling noise whenever I was in reverse, however, it would stop when I hit the brakes. Then I notices a very similar noise while driving, again if I break, it stop. Also, if I go over 45mph or so, it stops. Just yesterday I notices a grinding noise/feeling when braking but only when the brake all the way down. Any ideas of what this could be? Thanks!


You might hearing one the brake pad wear indicators coming in contact with a rotor.

These are metal tabs on the brake pads that make noise when the brakes pads become worn out.

Have a brake inspection performed.


Yep, I do believe your BRAKE pads are nearing the end of their life and need to be replaced at your convenience. There are little clips that drag on the brake rotors when the pads wear down. Some of us can’t hear that frequency very well though and rely on our wives to ask what that noise is.

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Ha! Thanks.

Most likely at posted above, brake pads are worn out. If that doesn’t fix it, another possibility is the brake power booster. Sometimes they’ll spring a leak and make a hissing or whistling noise. No harm done to ask your shop to double-check the power booster at the same time.

Thanks everyone. They were really bad this morning…make the grinding noise when I was driving. Going to get it in ASAP. Thanks again!