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Noise when turning right?

Hi All,

I have a 2005 Hyundai Elantra that makes a RRrrrRRRrRRR noise when turning corners - only to the right. It’s not a screeching or scraping noise… more of a loud whirring or humming. Any ideas?

One note- back left tire was removed and repaired shortly before this began - could that relate?


CV joint can make this sound, but it is usually more of a snap/crackle/pop sound. I think that you may just have a plastic splash guard that is rubbing on the tire. Neither is a safety issue (yet) but worth having checked out.

First pop the hood and see if it makes the noise when the engine is running but you’re not rolling. If it does, suspect the power steering pump.

If it doesn’t suspect the CV joint, or a splash shield, or even the dust shield behind the brake disc.

Um…have you checked that laft rear tire’s air pressure? Can I assume it was removed due to a leak? A low tire can cause that sound too.

My mom owns a 2007 Caravan that made this exact noise. It ended up being the power steering pump.

Beemerfan, I just want to say that it’s a pleasure having a young man like yourself joining in. Not only can you provide a perspective that many of us have long since forgotten, but participating in forums such as this is a great and heathy interest. And reaching out helping people is such a great thing to do.

Welcome aboard.