2002 Hyundai Elantra - bad CV joint?

So, I just had the spark plugs replaced/engine tuned/clutch replaced on my 2002 elantra, maybe 4 weeks ago.

For the last two weeks, at most, I’ve noticed this weird problem with the car. Whenever I’m making a low-speed turn (i.e. city streets) and accelerating out of it, there’s a shuddering noise, coming primarily from the lefthand side of the car. I really only hear it when I’m turning right, and not to the left. The noise doesn’t occur when I’m accelerating in a straight line. Nor does the sound occur at highway speeds, though I admit I’m suddenly loathe to take the car onto the highway.

Also, today the car started to make that same noise when I start it. This might be a separate issue.

So, I’m seeking advice. Right now I’m running three competing theories through my head.

1) The lefthand wheel assembly is starting to offend the Lord and must be smote.

2) This is an engine knocking noise that is the result of poor reconnection of fuel hoses/dirty fuel lines when the car was serviced.

3) The engine mounts have gone sour, which was made apparent when my clutch was replaced, as it’s suddenly far more grippy than the old one was.

Any thoughts? Is there a way I can narrow this down?

Sorry. I can’t hear, or feel, a thing. Take it to a mechanic who can hear, feel, touch, see, and smell it.

i would place this from your description in the steering pump, steering rack area.

what made this pop out is the comment: “today the car started to make that same noise when i start it.”

this sounds like it is happening before you even move, correct?

try turning it when you are NOT moving. does it make the same noise? that would confirm the rolling wheels hubs axles being involved or not.

the short list is steering, suspension, wheel bearing(s). of course there is more, but without hearing it it is hard to pinpoint.

your comment about clutch is most likely unrelated, since the new clutch is going to be “grabbier” simply since it is new anyway.

i would not suspect the fuel supply since this happens during cornering, and you have no other stated acceleration problems, or issues you have mentioned.

the thought of the engine mounts being suspect is an issue, especially if the CV joint is involved. but again, the noise is really hard to hear from my computer. is it possible to record and post an audio clip oif the noise? (preferably with no music in the background?)