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I have question

Recently, i have noticed the noise a month ago.The issue happens when the car go stright and turn right(turn the steering wheel alit bit). The sound likes metal rubbing. it not that loud. on the other hands, i drive stright turn the steering to the left alit bit. there is notthing happen.How would i diagnosed the problem. the machanic said Ball point. i changed it. the noise still there. Could you please give me an advise?

Is the noise coming from one side or the other? It sounds like it might be a wheel bearing. Turning the wheel one way takes stress off the bearing so it goes quiet.

If I understand you, the noise happens after you are going straight and then turn right, not left. If the noise happens while you are accelerating during a turn, it is the cv-joint. This is about a $300 repair at any reputable shop, labor and part included.
Don’t go back to the shop that diagnosed a ball joint.

the noise is coming from under, i assume it from the right because i got the sound when i turn right.It getting louder when i drive for certain time. Thank you sir.

Thank you so much.