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Noise when turning right and braking

2011 Honda Odyssey Touring

When turning right at low speed and applying the brakes lightly, the car makes a hum/squeal from the front end. If I take my foot off of the brake or straighten out, the noise goes away. Brakes/rotors look fine on my inspection. Anyone with any ideas?

Have you checked the wear sensors and the dust shields?

Were the tires removed and all pads checked? Sounds like the wear sensor is rubbing.

I thought the pads looked plenty thick, but I’ll have to specifically check the wear indicator. Is it possible for the wear indicator to only make contact when turning? I did look at the dust shield and I don’t see any signs that it is contacting anywhere.

Thanks for the replies!

Are you certain the tire isn’t rubbing on something? Maybe an under-engine or wheel-well shield has popped loose. Braking can change the geometry enough to stop slight rubbing sometimes.

Yes. It isn’t even an uncommon issue.