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2012 Honda Odyssey #- Roars (and its not a hub bearing)

I have a 2012 Odyssey makes a roaring noise in front starts @ 30mph everyone I’ve taken it too says hub bearing, noise will stop if you turn to the right. So it should be drivers side…right … I have had Acura dealership replace both side hub bearing twice , now they have no ideas ? Tires are also brand new . Also i took it to 2 other places who drove it and said same thing ? Parts are all original Honda parts ? I’m ready to set this thing on fire please help .

Did you have a brake job done recently? Could be the discs splash guard that is bent…happens all the time when the service technician installs new brake pads.They sometimes let the caliper hang on the splash guard because it takes less time than tying it to the spring.

Tell the shop to use chassis ears to pinpoint the noise

here’s the wireless version

here’s the older wired version


If the shop doesn’t have either version, maybe you shouldn’t be doing business with them . . .

Neither of them is very expensive, so in my opinion there is no excuse why a shop shouldn’t have one

Not only that, but Tom and Ray always spoke highly of chassis ears

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If the noise disappears when you turn right, that indicated replacing the right (passenger) side bearing because turning right throws the weight to the left side of the car.

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I’ve replaced both bearing at Acura dealership had 3 mechanic with all of them 30 plus years of service …1st bearing was a duralast figured it was just cheap and replaced with Honda bearing same noise …could I possibly be getting bad parts ? Both sides have been replaced with Honda bearing?

Ask if the shops are using an impact gun to tighten the axle nut instead of a torque wrench.

If they are, that’s why the bearings aren’t lasting long.


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Let’s don’t rule out the tires. Rotate front to back and see if there is a change. If it doesn’t change, @COROLLAGUY1 and @db4690 seems to going in the right direction.

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Most failures of new bearings are due to bad installation not bad bearings. We can’t listen to or feel your bearings over the internet.

These are certified 30 plus years mechanic and I watched them ?

Honda bearings are 2 piece? Not unitized?

Smooth no grinding tight ?

30 year mechanics should certainly be able to determine where a noise is coming from. Swap the tires front to back, see if the noise moves to the rear. Get the front wheels in the air and take the speedometer up to 30 or more. Is the noise still there?

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That symptom is consistent w/a faulty wheel bearing, so it makes sense that’s what they focused on first. I presume these folks can replace wheel bearings in their sleep, so as long as the tech who did the job has plenty of bearing experience, unlikely to be an installation problem. That pretty much leaves the brakes, CV joints, and the transmission. I’m guessing they would have noticed a brake problem when they replaced the bearings. So CV joints seems next in line. Ask what they’ve done to test the CV joints.

We did rotate tires even though they are brand new .rotors are new they did look at CV joints said they are fine and would be totally different…i truly think I keep getting bad Honda bearing ?