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Honda Odyssey 2010 Intermittant metal scraping sound

My wife drives a 2010 Honda Odyssey. Yesterday she told me that last week it started making occasional sounds like metal scraping. I heard it today and it sounds like a chain dragging, or something going on in the wheel. The sound lasts for less than a minute, and is then gone. The sound changes pitch/frequency with speed. It only happens with the car in motion, and only after it’s been driving for awhile. It sounds like it’s coming from one of the left side wheels.

There are only 36,000 miles on the car. We live in Northern California where the climate is mild and there’s never salt on the road.

I’m wondering if this model has problems with wheel bearings, or something else. I’m hoping someone has heard of this before I take it in to my mechanic.


The best bet would be to take the Odyssey in for an inspection. Why worry about other problems when you’ve already identified that you have a problem of your own? It’s there…have it repaired.

I have an 03 Ody that had a scraping sound coming from the left front wheel area when turning right. On a jack, found no noise on rotation or on turning right. Shop says bad wheel bearing, so they replaced it. Short time later, same noise. On Jack, I removed wheel and saw rust accumulation on rotor rubbing brake plate/guard. Remove rust from rotor. Problem solved.

Yes, as Jake says, often this is just the metal dust shield behind the brake rotor that gets slightly bent or rusted and touches the brake rotor, causing occasional scraping sounds. With the van safely parked you can lie down and reach behind and pry the dust shield slightly away from the brake rotor by hand. Often just a bit more clearance will eliminate the occasional scraping.

I suggest doing that before taking it in to a mechanic. It’s free and not hard to do yourself and could save a lot of head-scratching by a mechanic who can’t find anything obviously wrong. And if you take it to a mechanic first, he is likely to try things like replacing wheel bearings that probably. don’t need replacing.