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Noise when turning left

My 2002 Honda Odyssey makes a squealing noise when I make a hard left turn. Could it be related to power steering? Is it an urgent problem?
I will take a trip next week (~650 miles each way), and need to know if I should address this first.

Even if you don’t have a noise, if you’re about to take a 1300 miles trip its a wise idea to have a shop give everything a once over before you go. You need a trustworthy local, independently owned shop. Don’t go to any kind of corporate chain “auto care” place. They’ll try to sell a new van one service at a time.

The local shop I use does what they call a “trip check.” They charge an hour’s labor and take a look at all of the basics, including those things that tend to leave vehicles dead on the side of the road (such as a worn serpentine belt - which is probably what you have).

I support cigroller’s diagnosis of a worn belt. It is not an urgent problem but you are going to replace it eventually, so get it done now. That will be one less thing to worry about.

Make mine another vot eof support for Cig’s comments. Better to get everything running right now than be stuck in some strange garage of questionable repute on the highway.