Noise when starting up engine

Wife’s 2002 model, 104,000 miles on vehicle, but recently developed a tat-tat-tat noise when first turning the key. Sounds electrical. Anyone recognize what may be causing the noise? Thanks,

There are lots of different things that can tat-tat-tat. They can be louder or softer and faster or slower and can change speed or other things given other conditions. They can come from above, below, behind, in front, inside, outside etc.

Maybe you could spend a little more time working on the description.

Is this the first year for the inline 6 (well obviously not THE first year for A inline 6?) If you tell us the engine it is pretty easy for me to look up TSB’s.

Yes, it is an inline 6 cyl.

If it does this before the starter engages, check your battery terminals for signs of corrosion and clean them if needed. If it still does it, you may have a failing starter solenoid.

If it makes the noise right after the engine starts, then you have a different problem–possibly the engine is being starved for oil during the first few seconds of running.

Brand new battery recently installed,must be starter solenoid.

I still can’t even tell if the car is actually running when it makes the tat-tat-tat noise. Of course, since its too much trouble (apparently) to elaborate on this completely vague description, I guess I also just don’t care.

Sounds like it is coming from under the hood. The noise may be occurring a second before the engine cranks - it is hard to tell, a tat-tat-tat noise and the engine is running possibly even at the same time -too close together to tell.