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Noise on start up

I have a 2002 Chevy Prizm, with 85,000 mi. When the car is started a slight noise can be heard coming from the engine compartment. It sounds about the same as a car diesel engine, when first started. The rough sound will last untill you drive about a 1/4 mi.(only during excelleration) We live in Florida and of course it super hot here. I have the oil changed every 3000mi. 5W-30. Belts and Trans fluid look OK. Any ideas?

And like to add, using midgrade gas (Exxon).Tried swiching to Shell midgrade.

It’s hard to tell, noises can be hard to describe, but it sounds like it’s taking a moment for the tappets to get pumped up. Have you tried sitting for a minute at idle after you start it to see of the noise subsides?

Does your owner’s manual recommend a higher base weight oil for hot climates?

Post back with the answers.

Manual recommends the5W-30 and 10W-30 can be used above 0 c. but nothing else. It dosen’t seem to help to let it idle, only goes away after driving. I did think it might be the tappets, could they be sticking? Is there some way to clean them (Slick 50)or some kind of high detergent oil? Do you think the 10W-30 oil can help with this.

You might try a different brand of oil filter. The filter’s anti-drainback valve may not be working properly, so you get no oil pressure until the filter gets filled with oil again. However, 1/4 mile is kind of long for this. How long does it take the oil light to go out when starting the car? Can you have someone start the car while you listen to the engine with the hood open? It would be useful to know approximately where the noise is coming from.

I’ll try changing to a different oil filter. The oil light goes out as soon as the car is started. It’s hard to tell exactly where the noise is coming from but it seems to be on the passenger side of the engine compartment.

Could be water pump going bad, they make a raddling sound on startup in toyotas before they go bad.

Good thought, And of course the Prizm is a Toyota Corolla. Thanks

Thanks to all for your help.I think with these tips I should fix the problem.