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Car starts weird

When I start my car it starts kind of sluggish. I wanna try to explain this the best way. The way it starts is not like a dying battery sound. When I crank it its almost like a flooded sound, like it doesn’t want to start but it gets just enough fuel to slowly turn in. I’m trying to explain the sound. OK the Normal sound of a car starting would be something like di di di di brrrrroooom. Mine sounds like brrrfffffth. Lol. I’m sorry, try to imagine a soft, pathetic low fueled start but not a dying battery sound… I’m sorry I wish I can be more specific but hopefully someone will understand it.

Does this happen only when the car has been sitting for at least a few hours? If so, try this experiment. Turn the key to the run position, wait around five seconds, and turn it off. Repeat this four more times. Then try to start the car. If it starts normally after that, come back and tell us.

Did you clean the battery connections as suggested in your other thread if this is the same vehicle .

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Sometimes when I’m testing to solve a problem on my Corolla, as part of the test I crank the engine about a dozen times with the ignition system disabled. When I finally get it all back together and start it up again, it will make what I think it probably the same sound as you are having. In my case the cause is indeed that the engine is flooded. Each of the test cranks dumped fuel into the engine that wasn’t burned. So on the first real start there’s a bunch of gasoline puddling inside the engine, and it sort of makes a waaaah waaah waaah sound as it starts running on its own. You know, like on the Charlie Brown tv specials, the sounds the parents make. Sort of sounds like like the engine is choked of needed air. There’s also a bit of a vibration, which I think is caused by some cylinders firing better than others. Eventually – takes a couple of minutes of idling – all that extra gas gets burned out and it runs flawlessly again. Another clue is that when this happens, there’s usually some sort of liquid spitting out the tailpipe at first. I presume this is a mixture of water from the combustion and unburned gasoline.

Since presumably you aren’t doing any prior testing, you may have a leaking fuel injector leaking gasoline into the engine when the engine is turned off. A fuel pressure hold test might show that up.

@lion9car actually the very first time I start the car in the morning it starts fine. It’s the other ones throughout the day that sound sluggish

No I did not. But the nut holding the positive was loose enough for me to turn it with my fingers. So tightened them up good and it starts now. But this crappy sounding sound when it starts has been going on for quite some time bow