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Trailblazer slow/hard starting

Have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer and it has always taken a couple of tries to start but when it starts it runs great. Any idea why it is hard to start. 94K miles.


Sounds to me like you may have a fuel supply problem.

Perhaps a faulty fuel pump (or electrical connection to it) not priming the system. When the key is turned to the ON position, do you hear a buzzing type noise from the pump?

Note: in order to hear a fuel pump priming the fuel system, it MUST be QUIET in the immediate area. If not, then you’ll need a helper to turn the key on while you listen at the open fuel tank filler pipe.

Or, possibly a faulty fuel pressure regulator (remove the vacuum hose. If fuel runs out, replace it)

If by saying ‘slow, hard starting’ you mean a weak battery or no starter turn over. If not, read the first suggestions.

You are about due for new spark plugs. They are a new breed and would not suggest it if you are not confident as the coil over plug design is prone to problems if not done properly. Also how long since air and fuel filter?