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Noise when making a sharp left turn

It is a 2007 Honda Accord.

This usually happens when I just started the car. After making a maximum left turn to back out and then go forward a little bit. Then make another sharp left turn, I sometimes hear this “eeee~~” noise if I brake at this moment.

If I drive it for a while and do other sharp left turns while pressing the brake, I do not hear it any more. Is there something wrong?

Sometimes your brakes simply have surface rust that is being worn off by your initial braking. My wife’s car does it if car sits more than a few days and the rust is quite visible with her factory rims.

I live 400’ from brackish water.

It could be a brake pad wear indicator. If so it will soon be making the “eeee” noise all the time. And then you’ll need to replace the front brake pads and machine the rotors.