Noise from car when making left turns onley

I have a 2007 Ford Edge with 18,000 miles. When I make left turn I am hearing a scraping noise that sounds like metal on metal. Of course I fear when I take it to the dealer they won’t hear the same noise. So I wanted to be educated as to what it could be. Anyone have any suggestions?

Perhaps it’s metal scraping on metal. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

When you visit the dealer, ride along with the diagnostician during his/her test drive (INSIST). If you hear it he or she should hear it, too. If neither of you hears it at least you’ll know they’re not lying.

I had a similar noise recently on one of my cars, which turned out to be a brake shield lightly scraping against one of the front brake rotors when the wheels were turned almost all the way to the right.

A slight adjustment (read “bend”) of the brake shield solved the problem.