Mystery metallic noise

My car makes a noise like metal scraping metal when I turn left. The sound comes and goes, and is loudest when I make a left turn from a standstill. I have had my car looked at twice in the past 3 months. The first place told me a need a new rack and pinion, and the second said my tires being low was the only issue. My car will go weeks sometimes without making the noise, and then suddenly start again. Please help!

Could you give a little more info? Year and model, mileage? Noise from front or rear? left or right side? Had any repairs done before the noise started? Thanks

It may be as simple as the dust shield behind the front brake rotor. Sometime these get bent and will scrape against the backside of the rotor intermittently. That happens on my car occasionally, and I just have to grab the dust shields and bend them a bit.

With the car parked, crawl under and grab the dust shields behind the brake rotors and pull them away from the rotors. Or take it to a local shop and have them put it on a lift and do it for you.

PS…coincidentally, I had the exact same symptoms: metallic scraping noise when turning left from a stop. As I said above, it was the disk brake rotor dust shield scraping against the rotor.