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Noise in reverse

Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota Scion XB which has 23,300 mi. I had it tuned up at 20,000 prior to driving it 3000 to Central Mexico where I now reside. This morning when putting it in reverse, it made a loud grinding noise. And, now each time it’s in reverse it makes the noise. Before taking it to a mechanic here in Mexico, I thought I’d ask you experts out there if you have any ideas as to what it might be?

Brakes hanging up?

if you’re asking the question of me, the poster, I’m not sure what brakes hanging up means?

Yes, check to see if the brakes are dragging assuming it has to be moving to make the noise and not just sitting still with the brakes applied. In addition, It could be broken motor mounts. That would allow some turning part hit something else.

It does not need to be moving to make the noise. It makes noise when moving from Park to reverse. Broken motor mounts? I’m a woman who knows zilch about cars. Do you think it sounds like there’s something wrong with the transmission?

Just wild guessing here a bit but maybe this problem is very minor.
What you could be hearing is an exhaust heat shield rattle. The noise may only appear when the trans is placed into gear because both the engine and exhaust system stances change when this is done.
A shield rattle can be easily interpreted as a grinding sound and often is.

It’s something to consider and should be very easy to check out. Exhaust heat shield rattles are also a very common problem on any car. Hope that helps.