Annoying noise from rare breaks


When I reverse the car I am hearing an annoying noise from rare breaks. My car is Toyota 2001 Corolla CE.

I never heard this noise before until the car was delivered today to CO. I moved my car through Total Car shipping company from WI to CO. Everything is else is fine.

Any help will be highly appreciated.



Can you try and describe the noise? Just to clarify you only hear the noise while in reverse, with the brakes on only. Make sure your parking brake is off just in case you usually don’t use it and they did.

The noise is like draging/when you apply a sudden brake. That’s right,I hear the noise while in reverse, with the brakes on. I checked the parking brake and it is off.

Thanks for checking the parking brake, It might be time to have the brakes checked. I think it is more related to brake maintenance needed than anything the moving company did unless you have an update about recent brake work.

Before shifting the car with moving company I performed full oil service change with Tiers Plus, The mechanic there said that the brakes had 40% life.

Would you tell me what I should ask the car mechanic to check, is it involves lot of money? I am getting worried. Is there something you suggest I can do like break sprays, etc., before taking it to car mechanic.


OK someone has to do it.

What are “rare” brakes? :slight_smile:

Actually, it was “rare breaks”, which is probably an issue best presented to an experienced orthopedic surgeon.


I’m sorry. The Devil made me say that.

What exactly is this “total car” shipping company. Do you know how they shipped it?

One possibility is that if they shipped it on a dolly (or if someone drove it) with the parking brake on, the rear brake lining will be badly worn down and the funny braking in reverse noise could be the rear brake shoes trying to adjust (on Toyotas, this is how the rear brakes adjust-- automatically when you brake in reverse).

I think that this is a pretty unlikely scenario, since I doubt a reputable car transport company would ship your car on anything but a truck unless they told you otherwise, but just in case I’d get the brakes checked out ASAP so you can gripe to them if the left on parking brake was the problem-- it’ll be apparent from the inspection. A brake inspection should be very cheap or free.