97 Rav4 Grinding in Reverse

I have a 97 rav4 two wheel drive that I just took in for a front brake job.

Now when i put the car in reverse there is a low pitched irregular grinding that sounds like its coming from the front wheels. It restricts the movement of the car in reverse so much that it feels like i’ve backed up into a curb and must rev to around 3k RPM to get the car to continue moving.

During the grinding, there are also higher pitched popping noises that sound like a piece of metal is being struck. After the popping noise, the car seems to move freely in reverse for a foot or two before coming to an immediate stop again.

Also starting after the brake job the car started making a metal slapping metal type sound when going over bumps in the road. It also seems to be coming from the front wheels.

I had the brakes done at sears here in brooklyn, but I am reluctant to take it back to them. They obviously noticed the grinding issue since they backed the car up into the spot it was parked in when i picked it up.



Yeah, avoid Sears for anything anymore. You need to replace the U-joints.