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Grinding Noise in Reverse

My 1.8 Turbo runs great, but when I am backing uphill (standard 5 speed trans), it makes a grinding noise. Is my tranny bad?! Or what is this? Never have a problem with any of the other gears…

Is the car new to you or is it a new problem with your old car? Have you checked the level and condition of the transmission fluid?

Personally, if it is just a noise I would simply avoid going backwards uphill. All transmissions make a different sound in reverse. Not really a grind but it does not sound the same as the forward gears.

It is relatively new to me (within the last 3 months). I will check the fluid.

It is different than other reverse noises I have heard, way more obnoxious. I avoid backing up hill if at all possible!

Thank you

You don’t say what year or mileage, or make and model. I guess it’s an Audi? How steep is this hill?
A grinding noise in the reverse gear is not a death sentence for the standard tranny. It’s probably means nothing for the reverse gear.
Most likely the car has a failing drive joint. These parts are easy and cheap to repair, and are designed and meant to fail before anything else.

2003 VW Passat, 87k miles. The steeper the hill, the louder the grinding. Thanks for the input and glad to hear that certain parts are designed to fail…

With a failing drive joint would there be any other “symptoms”?