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New Sound

I bought a this car yesterday. Last time a drove a stick was in the late seventies. Earlier in the day, on the way to my mechanic to check it, I was in 4th gear on the highway and accidentally attempted to shift into reverse because I thought it was 5th! It was just for a few seconds, and there was a brief grinding noise. It didn’t go into reverse thankfully, instead it went into neutral. Flustered because I knew the clutch had been fully engaged, I did it a second time the exact same way. Then realized reverse was where I thought 5th was.

My mechanic looked it over & drove it in the parking lot. I told him what I did to it- he said I probably didn’t hurt anything because I would know right away if I had. I drove it 30 more miles. Then I noticed what seemed to be a new noise, more noticeable in 1st & 2nd gear- a lower (than the other engine sounds) pitched “rrrr” sound. There is no grinding while switching gears.

Then today I took it to the Honda dealer for an airbag check, and while there, asked him about the noise. He listened to it & said it might be a bearing in the transmission, and mentioned a $1600 cost to replace the bearing.

Now I am concerned I may have damaged the transmission…how likely is that?

Thank you

It is possible, but frankly I think you are hearing a noise that was there before and you are only hearing it now because you were expecting it.

You may be right.
Is there any sort of safety feature on a Honda to keep drivers like myself from doing hurting the car that way? Or are they built to take it? Seems like they last even thru occasional abuse such as that.
It does have a 6 mo/7,500 mi power train warranty (not sure if trany is covered tho)
Thank you very much

If you did cause any damage, it might be apparent by draining and replacing the oil. The mechanic should check the old oil for any metal particles.

Great idea. Oil was just changed before I bought it, so it would be easy to check for particles
Thanks again for your expertise- will spread the word about this site

And I wasn’t clear, by ‘oil’ I should have said ‘transmission oil’.

thanks again