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Noise from tire area

car makes a " seal " like noise when cold on turning . have been told by dealership mech. it’s rotors that have lost coating…think that problem will continue a few weeks aft repair or maybe not. Humm

Rotors that have lost coating??? That’s a good one. The coating should be cleaned off the rotors on installation.

Seal like noise? As in “live seal”? I’d start with the power steering pump and its belt and the belts tensioner. That noise is more likely the belt slipping on the pulley.

I had a 98 Ford Windstar that was making a low moaning noise when turning at low speeds. The tie rod ends had dried out and needed lubricating. Even though the tie rods had no grease fittings, my mechanic was able to get some grease into the fittings using a needle fitting on the grease gun.

Ed B.

Thanks Ed B. and anonymous helper… will check w/ local mech for both suggestions.

yep… noise is like a real live swimming critter.