Mystery noise


I have a 96 hyundai accent. Sometimes upon acceleration I hear a noise that sounds like the noise your bike would make when you would clothespin a a playing card near the spokes. I know some of you did this when you were younger. I was told by a shop that did a brake job to check the power steering system and rack and pinon systems. My gut is telling me that isn’t the problem, although it probably wouldn’t hurt to have that checked. Any opinions/ideas as to what that noise might be?


Here’s an update. I called the local dealership who just recently did a free check up to find out if the power steering and rack and pinion systems were inspected. Yes, they were visually inspected and checked out ok.


Sound is a funny thing and there may have been a change inside your muffler. The noises a car makes may be due to walls or guardrails; reflected sound that you don’t normally notice. A guardrail on the left side of a one lane highway ramp used to make our car sound like the air rushing through the exhaust pipe on a city bus with the 6.71 diesel, a two cycle motor.


I did think about that, the wall/guardrails thing, but that doesn’t come into play here. It happens anytime, anywhere. Usually when it’s in the morning or evening, so colder weather may have something to do with it. The sound isn’t as prominent in the middle of the day.

What exactly do you mean by a change inside the muffler?



Following up here. It turns out that my power steering pump is starting to give out.


how did you come to that conclusion? also, make sure the power steering pump level is up to the full mark. it would be ashamed to replace the pump if all you needed was some fluid.