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Noise coming from dash of 1997 King Cab XE Pickup

Over the last couple of years, a noise comes from the dash of my pickup at speeds above about 30MPH, especially during acceleration. It is especially bad when I drop from 5th to 4th gear to pass someone (worse on a hill, extra load) but quiets some when going back to 5th gear (never completely goes away). What is making this noise??

What kind of noise is it?

There are lots of noises. We could guess forever.

Its a kind of grinding noise that seems to speed up as I accelerate. I see now that I could attach a file where I could record the noise but I have not done that yet.

I have been trying to attach an avi file with the noise but it has not worked yet. Will keep trying later this evening. Thanks.

Attached is an avi file so that you can hear the noise I’m talking about.

You need to go around with something that vibrates (I’ll let you decide what to use) and touch it everywhere on the dash including underneath until you find the part that is loose and resonates. It really just sounds to me like a loose panel or something. The fact that it occurs at roughly the same engine RPM regardless of gear would lear credence to this theory.

Ok. That sounds like a plan. I’ll try that and see what I can find out. Thanks for your reply.