What is that noise

2000 chev 2500 pick up- after i come to a complet stop .

Going to need a lot more info.

[sarcasm]It’s clearly the hamsters in the glove compartment throwing a wild party, to which you weren’t invited.[/sarcasm]

C’mon, ya gotta give us a bit more to work with here.

Yeah, free advice. Plus, we all flunked mind reading courses. Sorry, no offfense. We need a description of noise quality- buzz, screech, clunk, thump, knock, growl, etc? Loud or soft? High pitched or low? Duration? Loose nut behind the wheel? Just kidding! Seriously, you’ve gotta meet us at least half way.

Bowling ball left in truck bed?

this answer is easy. Your whole problem is

That noise is your passenger screaming.

Seriously, you have got to give us something to work with here.

after reading all the replies to this one, i think the bowling ball rolling around squishing all the hampsters is more likely.

Okay, me too.

With the information you’ve given us, I’d say that the sound is probably coming from your truck. Might want to ask someone about that.

When you find out what it is, please let us know.

Inquiring minds want to know!

marker- please reply. We were only kidding. It’s just that we go through this all the time where we work where we have to try to guess at what we’re supposed to be looking for. It’s like when you go to a doctor- he asks you to describe your symptoms in detail. Let’s start w/a decription of the noise. Maybe there’s a word that can nail it down. If you were to say the word “buzz”, anyone would know

what that sounds like, even though that’s probably not your noise. Is there a word like clunk or thunk, growl, ring, clang, clank, you know, one of those kinds of words that might nail it down? People would like to help you.

Karl’s right. We all want to help, we’re just trying to good naturedly tell you we need a lot more information to go on. We don’t mean to be insulting.

…you keep hitting the car in front of you!

I’m surprised you even got any replies to your question.