Passenger side ticking sound at idle and acceleration

Hey all…My ‘18 Tundra with 5.7l engine has developed some sort of ticking noise that is bothersome to say the least. It is coming from the passenger side of the truck and can be heard most in the wheel well. It is most noticeable with the car is cold. It happens at idle and when accelerating. After 5-7 miles, it stops and then it happens randomly at idle until is pretty much stops. The only thing I’ve done in the last month is an oil change. Amsoil XL 0w-20. Any ideas on what it might be?These trucks are notoriously noisy so at first I thought it was normal but now I’m starting to think there may be an issue with something. I’m attaching a YouTube video I shot from inside the cab to give an idea of the noise. Thanks in advance!

I can’t hear anything.

So? Why are you trying to record a noise on the passenger side sitting in the drivers seat?


Check this video out. It’s from inside the passenger wheel well. I thought the ticking was a lot more prominent in the first video I posted. You may have to unmute it in the to p right corner.

I do hear the tick every 2-3 seconds. I have no clue to the source. Hope your dealer services department can determine the source. Please post back with their explanation.

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I’ll definitely check back in. Can’t get to the dealer till second week of August so I may do an oil change with a different brand of oil and see if that helps out. Just hate dumping 8 qts of Amsoil but the noise is driving me a bit nuts

A different brand of oil is not going to make a difference . Just make sure the oil level is correct . You might have an independent shop listen to the vehicle ( for a fee ) but don’t let them do anything that will void your warranty . You might even need to park this thing until the dealer can work on it.

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That’s not a bad idea. I have a mechanic locally that can give it a listen. After 5 miles or so of driving the noise goes away so my first thought is an exhaust issue but then I did some reading about fuel injectors so who knows. Unfortunately I have no way of just parking it for 2 weeks but I’m gonna call the dealer today and see if they can come pick it up and drop a loaner. It have 20k miles on it and is still under warranty

Is the AC or at least the ventilation system fan running when you hear the noise? I heard it better inside the cab. I’m skeptical about it being engine noise. Recurrence seems random, and I’d expect engine noise to have a faster cadence and be more regular.

IMHO, it is not engine related. Sounds like a solenoid clicking to me.
Just for kicks, have you listen after turning the engine off?
The fuel injector theory is possible.

Thanks guys for the input…it doesn’t matter if the AC is on or off. When the engine is off, it may do it once or twice more but that’s about it. I called the dealer and I think I’m gonna just drop it off the night before and see what happens. I was hoping to be there to point out the noise but when they start it, after it sits for the night, they should be able to hear it. My guess is that they are going to say it’s normal because these 5.7L sound like diesels.
I’m trying to empty the tank so I can fill up with some 93 octane to see if it changes at all but I only drive 20 miles a day so it’s taking a little while.

JT, I was thinking the same thing because of how random it is. Hoping it’s just a solenoid or an injector.