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97 Nissan Truck clutch noise

For a little wile now, I have had a growling noise when I depress the clutch pedal with the engine running. It mostly does it when the truck is cold and goes away after a few uses but was getting worse and taking longer to go away. The transmission shifts normally, the clutch operates normally and it does not make the noise if I put the transmission in neutral and let the clutch out. So I’m thinking dry throwout bearing.

I did an oil change Monday, and while it was up on the ramps, I decided to check the transmission oil level, I mean its got a 181k on it so its about time to check, right. Bone dry. I put about 2 qts of gear oil in the transmission that the service manual says has a 4 1/4 pint capacity. I took it out for a drive today and the noise is gone. Go figure.

I only drive the truck one or two times a week, sometimes less so in a couple of weeks I will check the transmission again for a leak, but there was no sign of a leak when I was under there Monday. But is still shifts smoothly, makes no noise.

That’s good you found the source of the problem. That transmission is more than likely fine. That particular transmission is very reliable and strong. I had a 97 hardbody as well and it had 229k on the original clutch when I got rid of it. I drove that thing for a decade… it was an awesome truck.

One thing - did you put GL-4 gear oil in it, or GL-5? From what I understand, GL-5 has an additive that eats the brass in the synchros, so I always used GL-4. But now I’m not sure anymore on how much truth there is to that.

GL-5 Mobil 1 75-90 synthetic, Its all I had on hand. when the truck was new, I drained the original gear oil and replaced it with this along with a little slick50 for manual transmissions. It hasn’t eaten up the syncros yet.

Ah ok. That may have been the standards for the fluid back in the day. I’m sure the gear oil you used is fine.