No start

95 Eagle Talon N/A automatic. When car will start, as soon as you press the brakes and shift into drive the car dies. Recently replaced ignition coil, plugs, wires, fuel filter, TPS, and IAC. Car won’t start at all anymore.

Have you checked the fuel pump?

Fuel pump was replaced 4 months ago and is working

Have you verified that you have spark at all cylinders, and have you checked compression?

Also, is it possible that the valve timing is off, maybe due to a timing belt that jumped a tooth?

will go check compression, timing belt has been on for less than 2000 miles

sorry 8000 miles

Okay tested and everything is okay, disconnected the battery and let the computers reset. Car started and ran smooth, idle evened out after driving around for a bit. When I shut it off however it will not start back up unless I push the gas pedal some and it will start right up.

Sounds like leaking fuel pressure regulator. Remove the vacuum line at the reg and check for fuel.

Vacuum line from regulator was clear, but I found a leak from one of the copper washers on top of the fuel filter. Replaced the washers and everything is working properly. Thank you for getting me headed in the right direction.